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Emerging Canadian artist, under the moniker of CMAGIC5 is a singer/songwriter, musician, and recording artist - a triple threat hailing from Toronto. CMAGIC5 started humming before talking and at the age of 4 began performing in musical theatre, dance performances, and vocal competitions. By 10, she had written and composed her own songs. With her relentless passion for music, she completed her music theory and classical vocal training from the Royal Conservatory at 16 and is a qualified vocal mentor today. She is also an ambassador for mental health awareness on various platforms and actively supports organizations with a mission to create more conversations around mental health. Her music is pop/punk with feel-good vibes, and a refreshing blend of contemporary and futuristic sounds with her uniqueness created by fusing other sub-genres. Since the release of her debut album ‘Ready to Run’

during quarantine, with over 10 million streams, CMAGIC5 is steadily establishing herself as a well-rounded artist in the global scene, with her bold, fiery, and empowering brand.

CMAGIC5’s latest track ‘Dancing on my Heart’ keeps her steady on a meteoric rise with over 26 million views on TikTok and was the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter on the day of its release. It is the ultimate ‘pick-me-up’, crafted with Grammy winning producers and songwriters. The track was quickly recognized by internationally certified platinum EDM artists who created an EDM version of the song and subsequent remixes. The song exemplifies her artistry and provides a sneak peak into her upcoming full-length album en route, with a kaleidoscope of tracks being crafted with some of the music industry’s top writers and producers and will showcase her artistic evolution.

In 2022, CMAGIC5 took the EDM world by storm and has collaborated on multiple projects as a songwriter and vocalist with many established and certified EDM producers with releases on major labels. CMAGIC5 is committed to setting the stage for a promising career ahead and is sure to mesmerize the global landscape.



​With uncontainable energy and a rock 'n' roll spirit, C writes infectious, modern power pop soundtracks that embrace the highs and lows of coming-of-age. Her ridiculously catchy pop-punk anthems with soulful powerhouse get your heart pumping and invite you to channel that "main character energy." Picture late-night dance parties in your bedroom, hairbrush in hand, screaming the lyrics with passion. C believes it's the best therapy. Say goodbye to heartbreak, toxic friends, and self-limiting beliefs as CMAGIC5's music becomes the ultimate bestie you've always dreamed of having by your side to overcome life's toughest challenges. Each track from her upcoming album delivers punchy self-empowerment anthems, helping you release emotions and emerge stronger. C's goal is to inspire listeners to embrace their true selves unapologetically. If you love music that pumps energy through your veins and makes you feel unstoppable even on your worst days, C's upcoming album is tailor-made for you. Get ready to immerse yourself in an electrifying journey that will leave you inspired, motivated, and ready to embrace the best version of yourself. Hit play and let CMAGIC5's music ignite your spirit like never before.



CMAGIC5 - Rock Paper Scissors

CMAGIC5 - Rock Paper Scissors

New music coming soon.. 
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